Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Choosing gifts for a baby shower is arguably, one of the most challenging events of the year! And why shouldn’t it be? None of us even remember what it was like being a baby! Lucky for you, we made it easier so you wouldn’t have to scout the mall and choose for the perfect gift. Below are our top picks, keeping all budgets in mind. Go ahead and make your pregnant friend happy! She’ll love these we promise!

  1. Phil & Ted’s Traveller’s Crib ($ 189)

traveller crib

2. Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet ($25.60)


3. KT Smail Sweetgale Toddler Quilt ($ 78.40)


4. NHL Boston Bruins Littlest Fans Baby Bib ($7.99)


5. Comotomo Set of 2 Baby Bottles ($23.99)


6. Medela Breast Milk Storage Solution Set ($27.20)

breast milk_storage

7. Magic Bullet (As Seen on TV) Baby Bullet Storage Kit ($19.99)

baby bullet

8. Bottle Pets Lilly the Lamb Bottle Pet ($19.99)


9.BabyBjörn Soft Baby Bib ($9.99)

baby bib

10. Calvin Klein Baby Girls 5-Pack Logo Onesies ($16)


11. Etsy Baby Gift, Elephant Onesie ($16.99)




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